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Cross-Stitch is Fun!

NEW!! Daffodils under 'Flowers,' three Victorian houses, and many new 'Hex Signs'! AND a whole new Pond section!

As with most things which are worthwhile, this web site will always be a work in process. But check back regularly, because I add new things all the time. I'm working on custom cross-stitch patterns and kits, and maybe some custom crochet with or without cross-stitch. I also hope I'll get pictures from some of you to turn into cross-stitch patterns or kits.

I am still working on hot-air balloon cross-stitch patterns from pictures I took at the Kodak Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Ever been there? It's one of the greatest shows on earth! On the first and second weekends in October, over 1,000 hot-air balloonists float over Albuquerque. Through the week in between, they engage in competitions with prizes as big as a car! Fascinating fun stuff — and beautiful.

The first pattern is of Shazam, owned by Pat Jacquemin. The pattern is complete, and I am working on a cross-stitch sample. It should be available soon.

So check back often and see what's new. There is now a free Christmas download available on the Christmas page just for fun.

And don't forget to leave your remarks on our Comments page that is just for you!

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