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Flowers are everywhere and make very effective cross-stitch patterns. Patterns made from photos are the most complex of all, but beautiful things can also be made from clip-art! This placemat pattern was made exactly that way. It uses only nine colors and only full crosses and outline stitches. Violet Placemat from clip-art

There is nothing more beautiful than the yard in Spring, but converting photos of flowers into cross-stitch patterns is extremely challenging. Watch for the addition of new designs as they are completed!

Yard in Spring

A very dear friend of ours lives in Phoenix where her very-carefully pampered, hand-watered daffodils bloom in February, but they don't last very long because of the heat and dry air, even in February. So here are some Daffodils — and maybe other spring things — for Klara. Enjoy!

Daffodils 08 Clumps of flowers are very difficult to design in a cross-stitch pattern, so it will be awhile before these beauties are available! Daffodils 08 rough cross-stitch segment
Daffodil 001 The first daffodil I turned into a pattern. Daffodil 001 cross-stitch
Teeny Daffodil I wondered how small I could make it and still have it look like a daffodil. It's 15w x 13h. This one works well in groups of small flowers. Teeny Daffodil cross-stitch
Daffodil 007 In process Daffodil 007 cross-stitch
Daffodil 009 In process Daffodil 009 cross-stitch
Daffodil 010

Traditional golden daffodil. An old friend from Scotland said they grow wild there and made carpets of gold every Spring. She always thought of them as weeds!

The cross-stitch picture on the right was captured from the pattern maker right after I imported the picture. At this point, it takes 50 colors and has no outlining or modeling stitches. It takes about six hours to complete a usable pattern from this point in the process.

Daffodil 010 Xstitch
Daffodil 011 Golden yellow color but with thin petals and only light ruffling around the bell. Experiment with the outlining color to see what color best emphasizes the shape. Daffodil 011 cross-stitch
Daffodil 012 More accurately a Narcissus, this daffodil has white petals and a golden center. Design area is 42 stitches wide and 40 stitches high, uses 17 colors, full crosses, quarter stitches, and backstitches. Daffodil 012 Xstitch
Daffodil 013 In process. Daffodil 013 cross-stitch
Anemone This pattern of a beautiful Anemone from my cousin's yard is 41 stiches wide and 39 stitches high, uses 33 colors, full crosses, quarter stitches, backstitches, and French knots. Anemone cross-stitch
Grape Hyacinth 02 In process. Grape Hyacinth 02 cross-stitch
Itch to Stitch web ring pic

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