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Victorian Village Houses

Cursor down to see NEW house patterns reminiscent of the Lenox Spice Village!

I have a really great Dept 56 North Pole Village!

It's my older daughter's fault. Yes! It's true, it really is. She'll even confess — and admit she created a Frankenstein's monster!

North Pole Village facing south

It was just a simple Reindeer Barn. And it was so cute! After I told her how much I liked the Barn, the next Christmas she sent an Elves Bunkhouse. So far so good, but the next May when the new releases were all out, I was visiting her and realized just how many and how cute they are. Now I have a whole village and growing.....

North Pole Village facing north

In the second picture in the lower right-hand corner is a very brightly lit house. This is not from Dept 56. It's one of the handiest things ever. It's a Santa's Power Christmas Village PowerHouse. Sandy thinks he bought it at Target, but there is no further information on the package. It's a cute little house that has a removeable power strip built in to the back with six outlets. And believe you me, this layout needs lots of power!

Village house similar to Allspice spice jar. In the late 80s, Lenox China made the absolute cutest spice jars ever. They all looked like little Victorian houses and were made in every color of the rainbow. I loved them, so my husband ordered the first two for me. Then I couldn't resist buying the rest. Or the cannisters that followed. Or the cookie jars, platters, bowls, mugs and other things.

They also made pot holders, dish towels, place mats, and napkins with the designs printed on them. At the time, I thought, "What a shame they didn't put these linens in kits with a pattern and thread!" This is my answer. These three patterns are available in actual spice jar size or in patterns three inches wide.

Village house similar to Marjoram spice jar.
Village house similar to Saffron spice jar.

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